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Civil Engineering FL  | Storm Water | Utilities | Roads

Utility Civil Engineering FL | Hydraulic Modeling Florida | Storm Water Pollution FL

Civil Engineering FL | Stormwater | Utilities | Roads

Ross Engineering is committed to professional excellence, providing clients with exceptional, innovative, and cost-effective engineering planning and design services. We provide civil engineering fl services for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural land uses. Additionally we provide services for engineering in water resources, education, public works, municipalities, county, state, federal, utility and water management.

Civil engineering fl water resources services include hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, water quality modeling, integrated surface to groundwater modeling, groundwater modeling, stormwater master planning, water management design, water use permitting, irrigation and well design.

We provide civil construction inspection administration services on most of our design projects. Additionally, we provide our corporate, residential and industrial clients five year drainage certification inspection services and NPDES storm water inspections as needed. We provide transportation design services for State, County and Municipal agencies and water resources engineering services for Water Management Districts, Drainage Districts, Counties and Municipalities.

Civil engineering fl utility services include roadway crossings and extensions, sanitary lift station analysis and design, septic tank and drain field design and permitting, water distribution system and fire protection system design and permitting. Ross Engineering is a South Florida civil engineering firm with environmental and water resources services.

  • Drainage storm sewer design and permitting
  • Minor traffic design for FDOT, County and City permitting
  • Site development for commercial, single family homes, multi-family, industrial, education and agricultural sses
  • Maintenance engineering to retrofit existing properties
  • Utility engineering and environmental design and permitting
  • Municipal public works consulting
  • Environmental resource permitting (storm water, dewatering, wetlands, endangered Species, etc.)
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  •  Green Building and LEED Consulting
  • Utility Civil Engineering FL | Hydraulic Modeling Florida | Storm Water Pollution FL
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