Drainage Study for Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

drainage study

Drainage Study for Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Client:U.S. Fish Wildlife Hobe Sound National Wildlife  Refuge
HSNWR / SpecPro Environmental Services, LLC
Location: Hobe Sound, Martin County,  Florida
Project Fee: $75,000

ICPR drainage study project Scope of Work:

Ross Engineering’s scope included an ICPR drainage study / hydrologic evaluation for impoundments F2 and F3 existing hydrologic exchange capacity base on impoundment geometry and a simplified representation of tidal dynamics. Assumptions for the evaluation were that flow velocities at hydrologic exchange points do not vary with depth, space or time during an ebb or flood tide. Our evaluation utilized both mathematical calculations and field observations. The tidal- prism volume and cross-sectional area of hydrologic exchange points (breaches or culverts) were estimated based on the survey data provided by SES. Flow velocity at surveyed hydrologic exchange points were gathered from field observations. The measured flow velocity was compared to the flow velocity theoretically necessary to transmit the full tidal prism volume across the surveyed hydrologic exchange points, to generate an estimate of hydrologic restriction present in the impoundment. An ICPR model was built and utilized to analyze the hydrology and provided results of the exchange.

What is a drainage study:

The role of targets, criterion, environmental, and hydrological factors of the drainage study has to be established first. A drainage system influences this depth; the relation between drainage system design and depth of water table is mainly physical and can be described by drainage equations, in which the drainage requirements are to be found from a water balance. The depth of the water table as a criterion factor needs to be translated into a criterion index to be given a numerical value that represents the behavior of the water table on the one hand and that can be related to the target on the other hand. The relation between criterion index and target can often be optimized, the maximum value providing the ultimate aim while the corresponding value of the criterion index can be used as an agricultural drainage criterion in the design procedure.

Sample Basin Studies in Florida

Drainage Study for Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Key Staff:
Robert J. Ross, P.E. (Sr. Engineer/Hydrologist) (Ross Engineering)
Herman Taube, P.G. (Sr. Hydrogeologist) (Ross Engineering)