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Ross Engineering Projects

Ross Engineering’s development, transportation, environmental and water resources engineering projects are located all over the state of Florida. Our public sector projects extend around the world. Our engineers, planners and scientists focus on civil engineering, construction engineering, transportation, environmental and water resources projects. Our engineering projects are both in the public and private sectors. Our firm’s civil engineers, planners and scientists specializes in a wide variety of specialties for Florida and international projects. Specialty areas include but are not limited to:

  • civil-site
  • utilities
  • drainage
  • hydrologic modeling
  • environmental permitting
  • civil construction administration
  • LEED documentation and implementation
  • Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey – SSES
  • traffic calming and channelization
  • residential home site engineering
  • residential community engineering
  • commercial site engineering
  • entertainment recreational facility engineering
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Categories for Engineering Projects

Engineering Projects bridge the boundaries between engineering and project management, leading the technical workers who contribute to the building of structures or products. In some cases, the project engineer is the same as a project manager but in most cases these two professionals have joint responsibility for leading a project.  A project engineer’s responsibilities include schedule preparation, pre-planning and resource forecasting for engineering projects and other technical activities. They may also be in charge of performance management of vendors. Project engineers manage project team resources and training and develop extensive project management experience and expertise. When project teams are structured so that multiple specialty disciplines report to the project engineer, then two important responsibilities of the project engineer are inter-discipline coordination and overall quality control of the work. The role of the project engineer can often be described as that of a liaison between the project manager and the technical disciplines involved in a project. The project engineer is also often the primary technical point of contact for the consumer.