Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey for Miami Dade WASD

sanitary sewer evaluation survey

Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey Small Diameter Contract

Miami Dade County Water and Sewer Department

Client Information:

Client Name: Miami Dade Water and Sewer Department

WASD PM: Rodney Lovett, P.E.

Client Address: 20900 SW 117 Avenue,Miami, FL 33177

Phone Number: 786-268-5025

Completion Date: August 2012

Total Fees Paid to Firm: $400,000

Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey Small Diameter Contract

Project Scope of Work:

Ross Engineering’s scope as Construction Engineering Manager included a detailed sanitary sewer evaluation survey for manholes, pump station wet well, sewer gravity main cleaning and CCTV inspection. This project was the first of a two step process to reduce I/I. In accordance with MDWASD’s guidelines, the project helped identify specific repairs through the manhole, pump station, and CCTV inspections. The second portion of the project includes the repair of the identified defects. Cleaning and inspection procedures were conducted in accordance with the contract specifications while minimizing inconvenience to residents. All defects identified were logged into a database provided by MDWASD and repair recommendations were determined using MDWASD ‘S Repair Criteria and Technology Guidelines. sanitary sewer evaluation survey.

NASSCO Certified Staff at Ross Engineering: Melissa Ross, MSCE


NASSCO was formed in 1976 with one goal in mind: To improve the success rate of everyone involved in the pipeline rehabilitation industry through education, technical resources, and industry advocacy. During their 30-year history they have made great strides, but their work is never done. They are constantly researching, evaluating and developing new methods to train its members and educate them about the importance of properly rehabilitated underground utilities. But they learn from their valued members. Through their strong networking base, their members are an important resource as they openly share real-life experiences which, in the end, help us all.


Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey Small Diameter Contract

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