Storm Water Master Plan for Immokalee SFWMD Big Cypress Basin

storm water master plan

Storm Water Master Plan for the Immokalee Urban Area

for SFWMD Big Cypress Basin Office




IMMOKALEE Urban Area, Collier County, FLORIDA



Storm Water Master Plan for the Immokalee Urban Area


The water resources project goals were to develop the storm water master plan for the Immokalee Basin in response to noted flooding and water quality issues. XP-SWMM was used to simulate surface water conditions with applicable land uses. Simulation of flood and water quality conditions proved successful for 5, 10, 25, and 100 year flood events. Conceptual design alternative based on the storm water master plan was selected by SFWMD and Collier County. Conceptual Design plans and Conceptual Permitting.

Assisted data collection effort that included SFWMD Big Cypress Basin (BCB) gauges, recently flown Lidar Data used in DTM, survey of culverts, canal, ditch and wetland cross sections, DB-Hydro and field testing. Assisted in the build-out of an XP-SWMM model that consisted of 33 hydrologic sub-basins spanning over 15 square miles of canals, culverts, ditches and wetland flowways.

Continuous simulation modeling of long term rainfall as part of the calibration and verification of the model with simulated groundwater interaction with surface water facilities. Event mean concentration water quality modeling using Harvey Harper method of estimating pollutant loadings for P, TN, E. coli, TSS and NH4. Water Quality modeling was calibrated using District gauge information and was verified by field testing performed after a summer 2004 storm event. The xp-swmm modeling was perfomed for both water quality and water quantity.

Storm water master plan reports that were submitted to the District: (1) water quality assessment report, (2) engineering evaluation, (3) environmental evaluation, (4) flood control improvement plan, (5) wetland flow-way improvement plan and (6) water quality improvement plan.

Storm water master plan alternative design models for 6 options included both water quantity and quality comparisons to the existing conditions. Improvements included 2 impoundments, culvert upgrades, dredging and widening of a canal, proposed collection systems and exfiltration trenches.

Conceptual design of storm water master plan improvements with conceptual ERP permit, easement identification, and funding method analysis.

Storm Water Master Plan for the Immokalee Urban Area

storm water master plan

About XP-SWMM software :

xp-swmm is a comprehensive software package for dynamic modeling of storm water, river systems, floodplains and sanitary or combined systems. It combines one-dimensional (1D) calculations for upstream to downstream flow with two-dimensional (2D) overland flow calculations so that you can see what truly happens to your stormwater or sewer system when waters flow, populations increase or catastrophic events hit.

Its use over the last 25 years, as well as its FEMA approval and UK Environment Agency benchmark testing, has made it one of the most stable and well-used simulation software programs in the world.

xp-swmm simulates natural rainfall-runoff processes and the hydraulic performance of drainage systems used to manage our water resources. It allows integrated analysis of flow, pollutant transport and sustainable design measures in engineered and natural systems including ponds, rivers, lakes, overland floodplains and the interaction with groundwater. xp-swmm is a great choice for storm water master plan modeling.

source: xp software