Entertainment Projects for Recreational Facilities

entertainment projects

Entertainment Projects for Recreational Facilities

Ross Engineering has designed entertainment projects for recreational facilities throughout Florida, the Caribbean and Central America. We consistently deliver quality site engineering construction docs for all of our client’s entertainment projects for recreational facilities. We handle the civil engineering design, permitting and construction administration on entertainment projects. Our entertainment  projects include sport team facilities, parks, ballparks, water parks, golf courses, racing tracks, casinos, and movie theaters, etc. Our experience for these entertainment projects goes back to 2004 when we did our first drainage design for a golf course in Sunrise Florida. In more recent times we designed the decorative sidewalks and associated drainage and grading for the new Miami Marlins stadium in downtown Miami Florida. Some recent entertainment projects include the following:

Miami Marlins New Baseball Ballpark Facility

Miami, FL

Seminole Indian Tribe of Florida Big Cypress Ball Field Project

Clewiston, FL

Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines High School and Ball Fields Project

Pembroke Pines, FL

Broward County Central Regional Park

Fort Lauderdale, FL

City of Parkland Pines Trail Park

Parkland, FL

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Entertainment Projects for Recreational Facilities

More information on Entertainment and Recreational Facilities :

While most people consume entertainment as part of their daily lives, only some actually consider the financial consequences of producing and potentially profiting from entertainment projects ventures. Venture capital and financing in the entertainment business enables recreational facilities to be built, but it also creates risk for investors and places financial pressure on the creative individuals involved in the process.

The entertainment business involves investors who see development as a profitable venture in a number of ways. At the most basic level, venture and finance in entertainment projects occurs when individual and corporate investors buy shares of stock in businesses that produce entertainment, either exclusively or as one of many business ventures. In other cases, venture capitalists fund entertainment projects / recreational facilities directly.

Entertainment projects and recreational facility resources play a far more important role in the recruitment and retention of residents than is generally recognized by the population today. The emphasis on health and wellness becomes part of the decision package when potential residents, especially folks from out of state. A lack of adequate sport, recreation, and fitness facilities and programs to meet desires for recreational opportunities can become the basis for the decision of a potential resident not to move into the area. Furthermore, outdoor recreation spaces contribute to a “sense of place” and belonging on the part of the resident.  Therefore, planning for recreational opportunities is an important task that all municipalities and neighborhoods must undertake, and the needs of the ares must become part of the areas annual planning and budgeting cycle.

Entertainment Projects for Recreational Facilities

entertainment projects